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Have Your Brakes Weathered Winter's Wrath?

The effects of winter weather last long after the daffodils have bloomed. If you have driven through sleet or snow, ice build-up can act like sandpaper on your vehicle's brake pads.

Get a pre-summer brake inspection before hot days strain damaged brake components.

Festivities Planned For Earth Day’s 50th Anniversary

Cleveland’s Cuyahoga River catching fire and an oil spill in Santa Barbara helped spur the creation of “Earth Day”, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.

Find out more about Earth Day and some of the upcoming events devoted to the third rock from the sun.

Save Money, Reduce Litter With Portable Water Purifier

Portable water purifiers have evolved quite a bit since the days of simple osmosis filters.

Now, you can make potable water from just about any stream, river or lake. And that comes in handy during your next weekend driving adventure.