Improve Performance With Fluid Exchange, Save On All BG Fluids

Keeping fresh fluids in your engine, transmission and radiator go a long way towards keeping your vehicle operating smoothly.

This easily overlooked maintenance can help extend the life of your vehicle’s most expensive systems. Fortunately, we have a limited time offer to help you replenish those vital fluids. 

Our BG Flush services promotion lasts until November 30. Here's a little bit about the systems the services apply to. 

Power Steering

Your vehicle's power steering system needs its fluid replaced and replenished every so often.

Over time, bits of plastic and rubber inside the system wear down. Power steering fluid collects these contaminants and recycles them through the system. Power steering systems have no filter, so periodically cleaning is particularly important.


A finely tuned transmission allows your vehicle to swiftly glide between gears, providing countless hours of carefree driving. Transmission fluid cools the transmission and provides the connection between the engine and the wheels. Healthy fluid can extend the life of the transmission and maintain proper shift characteristics.


As the name implies, coolant helps regulate your engine's internal temperature. Overheating generally results from insufficient coolant. Coolant in the radiator must be replenished or replaced routinely to keep the engine operating smoothly. Like oil, coolant has a service limit. Over time the water in coolant evaporates, causing the mixture to become imbalanced.

Fuel System

A little engine gunk can go unnoticed. Over time though, too much robs fuel economy and bogs down acceleration. If you’re noticing these symptoms, it might be time to look at the fuel system--especially if your engine has between 60,000 and 100,000 miles.

All-Wheel Drive Service 

All-wheel drive vehicles delivers traction to all four wheels by distributing power to the front and rear axles. Every all-wheel drive vehicle has unique maintenance requirements for transfer case fluid and replacement.

Battery Terminal Cleaning

The cables connected to your battery can't do their job properly if they're covered in corrosion. Corroded posts rob your battery of its efficiency, which can lead to a shorter lifespan.